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We at Smarter Systems in Charlotte believe in your time. We believe in the meaning of your work, be it in enterprise, education, or government. And we believe that your time is best spent concentrating on those things that make your work the valuable contribution that it is. Our goal is to optimize your audio-visual systems experience so that it meets you exactly how you need—and then gets out of the way. We equip you to enjoy the best things about your work in ways only the twenty-first century could offer.

Enjoy working smarter and take back your time with Smarter Systems.

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Making a Video Wall Work for Your Business

When buying a video wall, many consumers have the common misconception of over or underestimating the placement of a video wall. The first step is to measure the space, but there are more factors to consider than simple measurements. Here is a look at everything that a business should consider in order to make a video wall work in their favor.

The way video displays keep from overheating is to take in fresh air while exhausting hot air. That exchange of hot and cold air should occur behind the…

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SMART Boards Come In Handy In the Business World

SMART Boards are revolutionizing the business world as they have opened up a wealth of possibilities. Here is a closer look at the numerous benefits that businesses can expect when utilizing SMART Boards within their workplace.

Enhanced Collaboration
The days of the old power point presentations are a thing of the past as business meetings can foster collaboration with the use of SMART Boards. That doesn’t negate the value of…

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The benefits of video conferencing have been largely documented, although it is important to recognize how those benefits are changing the business world. Here is a closer look at how video conferencing has changed modern day business.

With video conferencing, the actual focus of work is now on the work itself. Many traditional jobs require painstaking commutes and lots of travel time spent going from meeting to meeting. Video conferencing alleviates those issues, but more importantly, it allows business professionals to focus on…

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A video display is an extremely important component when it comes to group collaboration within your business. That is why it is essential to choose the right interactive flat panel display when investing in this type of technology. In combination with apps, software, and other hardware this will act as more than just a display, but a unique way for employees to collaborate. Here are some helpful hints on how to choose the right displays for your business.

Some display systems, like SMART boards, are actually built with the awareness to differentiate between what is being used on the screen as a digital tool. That means the…

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4K Technology Still Facing Its Share of Obstacles


Advances in technology continually introduce video services that build upon previous platforms. However, new video solutions do not just debut and hit the mainstream without running into their share of obstacles. The problem lies in the fact that not all systems are capable of supporting those new video services Charlotte.

The latest video innovation is known as 4K video, which is an abbreviation typically used to describe 4,000 pixel horizontal resolution. This is different from previous types of video resolutions that relied more on vertical resolution. For example…

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Video Conferencing Business Applications

Video conferencing can now accommodate businesses, small and large, bringing the concept of meetings to a whole new level. Here is a look at some business applications that can be utilized during video conferencing Charlotte.

Free Video Conferencing Options

Making a video call now comes with a variety of options and smaller businesses can rely on a host of free applications…


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The Internet of Things (IoT) Just Getting Started in the Business World

The Internet of Things is gaining more and more momentum as it is inundating all types of devices and products. The IoT has already begun to integrate itself into the business world in many ways including SMART Boards and video conferencing in Charlotte NC. Those companies getting in early could stand to experience a host of lucrative benefits.

bigstock--128648990.jpgThe Iot might sound like a complex subject, but it can be explained rather simply. At one time, Broadband Internet was limited, but it has become available in such abundance that the price of connectivity…

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The Evolution and History of the SMART Board

bigstock-Young-creative-people-at-brain-83927321.jpgSMART Boards have recently made their way into the mainstream of both educational and business settings. However, this type of technology has been around for two and a half decades. The technology was first created in 1991 and was initially available in front and rear projections. The initial versions were equipped with only basic capabilities, but as technology improved, so did SMART Boards in Charlotte NC.

The SMART Board was not invented in America as…

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